Cancer Season

To understand the gifts of Cancer Season, reflect for a moment on a perfect summer day. The warmth has us coming out our shells a bit as we immerse ourselves in summer fun. Then, oh, those summer nights! There’s something especially magical about them, as short as they are, inviting you to trace the shape of the moon and the stars against the evening sky. Cancer Season invites us to be open to the magic that surrounds us, appreciating the lushness of the world and the connections we make with other people.

The Moon, a force of feminine mystery and influence, rules Cancer Season. Cancer Season is a time to celebrate the maternal figures in your life and embrace home and family, be that family of origin, or family of choice. Cancer Season is also a time to retreat into sentimentality; comforting and nostalgic family traditions are the order of the day. Bake the cookies of your childhood, pack a picnic, or cook for a crowd; this is a season for nurturing close relationships by feeding the heart, body, and soul.

As oceans and rivers offer a refreshing respite from hot temperatures, so Cancer ushers in the first Water Element of the astrological year, plunging us into the full range of our feelings with heightened sensitivity. These waters aren’t the silly, splashy waters of summer sprinklers and water slides, however. Water energy is more mysterious, powerful, deep, and uncontained. Think of the tides of the mighty ocean, governed by the Moon, with powerful undertows you can’t see from the surface, and waves that crash into the shore — that’s the water energy of Cancer Season! You can choose to surf the waves of your emotions, or you can channel them into a mighty force, but either way, Cancer Season calls you to feel them.

Like water, emotions are meant to flow freely and not get dammed up, one of the karmic lessons of the season and for this zodiac sign. To swim in Cancer’s waters, go ahead and dig into those self-help books, attend a workshop, see a therapist, get a psychic reading, meditate with crystals — do whatever it takes to manage the emotional forces that are unleashed by Cancer Season in a healthy and self-loving way! Cancer Season calls forth empathy and emotional intelligence, so it’s the perfect time to practice putting yourself into another’s shoes and seeing the world through their perspective. Everyone can benefit from the energy of Cancer Season, by allowing themselves to feel their feelings and doing the emotional work to make their life flow a little better.

Cancer Element

We were all cradled in the water of the womb before we were born. Like water, Cancer is nurturing and protective. Gentle Cancer loves creating safe spaces where others feel like they can lay down their worries and just breathe. Spending time with Cancer feels like coming home again. Most Cancers want nothing more than to live peacefully, surrounded by the ones they love.

Cancer’s element is Water, and like the ocean, it relies on the power of the moon to regulate its emotional tides. Without the moon, the ocean would overrun the Earth; with the moon, there is a natural cycle of ebb and flow. As one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac, Cancers could well allow their emotions to overpower their intellect; it is important that they learn to work with their intuitive nature as their guiding moon.

Water takes the shape of any container into which it is poured. Cancer’s watery moon knows no boundaries. Cancers have a tendency to so fully immerse themselves in the emotional lives of others that they lose sight of their own needs and even identity. As a result, Cancers can become moody, impulsive, and reactive to the slightest trigger, sometimes feeling themselves personally caught up in the middle of situations that may actually have very little to do with them. On the flip side, water enables Cancer to take the emotional well-being of others into account, making them some of the most caring and supportive people you’ll ever meet.

Cancer Mode

Cancer Mode is Cardinal, meaning that it starts the new season. Although Cancers are ruled by Water, an energy that encourages emotion, Cancer’s Cardinal mode gives them the power and initiative to embark on new projects without their emotions clouding their goals. While strong emotions may cause you to retreat to your shell (others will call this sulking), you simply need some time to get back in touch with yourself before your naturally sunny disposition breaks through and you re-emerge to zig-zag forward with determination.

The gift of the Cardinal mode is initiative; its weakness is haste. Cancers can rush into new romance based on their emotions, and in doing so over-ride their intuition (another karmic lesson for this sign to master). The flip side of this quality is that they can harness the momentum and tenacity of their Cardinal mode to go after their goals, and little, if anything will stop them.

Cancer Ruling Planet

Although it technically isn’t a planet, the Moon is considered to be the ruler of Cancer. This means that for people born in Cancer, both the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign at once, and the Moon is “at home.” Thus, the influence of the Moon is amplified. The Sun governs our ego and identity, and the Moon governs those aspects of ourselves we tend to only reveal in private, including our most vulnerable emotional energies, instinctual reactions, and emotional needs. This is why emotion, empathy, and nurturing are such strong and recognizable aspects of this sign, because they show up in Cancer’s identity as well as in their private, emotional landscape. The Moon’s associations of grace, beauty, and femininity rub off on Cancer. There is something of the otherworldly or mysterious that seems to drape itself around Cancer like a shimmering veil.

The Moon waxes and wanes as it orbits the Earth, and a Cancer’s internal rhythm is similarly cyclical, instinctual, and intuitive. But the Moon has other associations too, like moodiness and changeability. Emotion-ruled Cancers prioritize their hearts above everything. There is a pattern to their logic, just the way there is a pattern to the Moon’s phases. But you need to really know and understand the ebb and flow of Cancer’s feelings to untangle it completely. If as a Cancer, you allow external influences to drive you, you’re likely to get out of balance and risk losing yourself, especially when done out of love. Retreat to your inner home to reconnect to your feelings, and you will instinctually know what you need to do to regain your natural rhythm.

Cancer Ruling House

The Fourth House of the zodiac symbolizes the home and family – how you grew up, what is your family lineage, how you ‘mother’ nurture yourself and others. This is a house that deals with ideas of community too. Who is in your ‘chosen family’? What do you choose to safeguard or protect for the benefit of your family? Planets who are positioned in the Fourth House at your time of birth reveal something about the relationship you have to a mother figure, as well as the way you approach home and family life.

Born with the Sun in the Fourth House, Cancer is comforted and inspired by domesticity. Owning a home close to family or friends provides the sense of security this sign craves. Filling it with family photographs, heirlooms, sentimental mementos, and the smell of home-cooked meals on the stove goes without saying.

Cancer needs to establish a sense of home and family with others who are warm and familiar. If a Cancer lives alone, they’re likely to have a pet or two. If a Cancer is married, they’re likely to have or plan to have children. If a Cancer has elderly relatives, they’re likely to act as caregivers. Creating a home life that is both comfortable and peaceful is vitally important to this sign’s emotional equilibrium. Through all these key relationships, Cancers have a knack of remaining in synch with everyone’s feelings, sensing the slightest change which makes it difficult for them to concentrate on anything else until the matter is addressed.

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