Cancer Man

The romantic Cancer man feels emotions deeply in a relationship and wants the reciprocation of a partner who understands him on an emotional level, particularly when it comes to his need for security. He is quite protective of his heart and home and can easily become wounded or defensive if the person with whom he is in a committed relationship does not understand him emotionally. Because he so naturally understands others, he expects that they will intuit his feelings to the same degree, and he’ll become silently disappointed if they don’t.

The Cancer man comes across as a stable, safe partner who would like to spoil his lover or partner with attention and to fully satisfy them in every way. Indeed, he is the perfect gentleman who can sweep you off your feet as he is quite composed and cool on the outside but brewing with emotions and eroticism on the inside. He’s not going to let just anyone in to see his vulnerabilities (and an evolved Cancer man is extremely aware of all of them), but he’ll strike you as sensitive and sentimental. He will be the one who remembers every anniversary and always know your favorite type of flower. Cancer men pay attention to the little things that make life sweet. As a sign that balances male and female energies, his love-making is tender and soulful.

It takes some time for the Cancer man to reveal his deeper layers, and it’s essential that he do so at his own pace. As one of the most sensitive men in the zodiac, he’s a bit reserved till you really get to know him. With a naturally kind and loving nature, and a dry and witty sense of humor, you can be certain that anything that passes for sharpness or sarcasm is an attempt to hide his true feelings with humor. He would be mortified to know that a joke was taken the wrong way, as good manners and traditions are important values to him.

You can read more about the rewards and challenges of Loving a Cancer Man in this article by Psychic Iris which further describes Cancer man characteristics.

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