Cancer Woman

With the Moon as her ruling planet, the personality traits of the Cancer woman embody graciousness and allure. Spending a few minutes with her feels as welcoming as a cup of hot cocoa on a winter’s day. She is adept at putting friends and lovers at ease. But know that what she really needs is someone to feel like home to her.

Like her male counterpart, the Cancer woman is sentimental and often has many precious mementos around her home she’d run into a fire to save. People are drawn to her easy-going nature that hints at depths she will reveal in time. All Cancers share a high degree of empathy and responsibility, instinctively understanding what people need and devoted to caring for those whom they love. She spoils her beloved with domestic bliss, preparing nourishing meals, acting as a sounding board, soothing ruffled feathers, freely offering affection.

The Cancer woman is a peaceful soul who hates confrontation. She can dance around issues in the interest of being diplomatic. Caring and accommodating, she tends to put her own needs last and bottle up emotions silently until she reaches a breaking point. Though her moods are as changeable as the phases of the moon, she guards her feelings, partly for self-protection, and partly because she’s more comfortable in the role of confidante than confider. She’s actually quite shy about expressing her feelings aloud. She may dwell on hurts long after everyone else has forgotten, and then respond in indirect or passive-aggressive ways. Private, discreet, and loyal, Cancer is also the sign of the mistress. (Camilla, Prince Charles’ current wife & mistress of many years, had over 5 planets in Cancer.) But most often, she’s the very archetype of the good wife and devoted mother.

A Cancer woman prefers to see a spark of something before she makes a move. But once she does, you’ll find she’s an ardent and attentive lover. She’ll appreciate any small details you put into courting her, like remembering the song that played in the background on your first meeting. Paying attention to the little things is the way to her heart.

In her most private and intimate moments, her passionate and compassionate nature unite, and the sex is soulful and sensitive. The Cancer woman needs a partner who keeps the romance alive, lest her maternal instincts begin to take over the partnership dynamic, leaving her nostalgic or bitter for the passionate romance she experienced in the past.

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