Why Friends With Benefits Relationships Don’t Always Work Out.

When it comes to relationships, friends with benefits can seem like an attractive option for those who want to enjoy the company and companionship of another person without having to commit to a more serious relationship. However, the truth is that these types of friendships rarely work out in the long run. This post will explore why friends with benefits relationships don’t always work out and how to decide if it’s the right choice for you.

The Sex Can Get Old Quickly

When it comes to friends with benefits relationships, the physical aspect of the relationship can be a major draw. After all, you don’t have to worry about the emotional baggage that often comes with traditional relationships.

It can be liberating to engage in casual sex without worrying about a commitment.


However, this physical aspect is also one of the things that can make a friends with benefits relationship fail. People tend to get bored with the same routine after a while, no matter how great it was at first. Over time, the sex can become dull and repetitive, leading to a sense of dissatisfaction in both parties.

When the physical aspect of the relationship fades, it can leave both parties feeling unsatisfied and wanting something more. In some cases, this can cause resentment between partners and lead to the end of the relationship. If you want your friends with benefits relationship to last, it’s important to keep things fresh by trying new things and finding ways to keep each other interested.

There Are Always Strings Attached

One of the major issues with friends with benefits relationships is that there are always strings attached. It’s not as simple as two people agreeing to be just friends who occasionally have sex. There are often unspoken expectations and emotions that come along with it.

For example, one person may expect to be able to talk to the other person about their feelings or problems, while the other person might not want to get too close. This type of relationship can lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings if expectations aren’t made clear upfront.


When two people are in a friends with benefits relationship, they need to have clear boundaries and expectations in place. Both parties should know what they are comfortable with and make sure they are on the same page. Otherwise, one person could end up feeling taken advantage of or expecting more than the other person is willing to give.

One Person Always Wants More

Friends with benefits relationships can be tricky to navigate because one person often finds themselves wanting more than just a physical connection. It can be easy to fall into the trap of believing that this type of relationship will eventually turn into something deeper, but this isn’t always the case.

In most friends with benefits scenarios, it is one person who often ends up wanting more than just physical intimacy. This person may find themselves growing attached to their friend and wishing for more than just casual encounters. Unfortunately, this can lead to feelings of disappointment and hurt if their expectations are not met.

It’s essential for both parties involved in a friends with benefits arrangement to make sure that they are on the same page from the beginning. If one person is expecting something more than what the other person is willing to give, it’s best to call off the arrangement before either person gets hurt. While it can be difficult to say no to physical intimacy, it’s much better to be honest and upfront about expectations so that everyone is clear on what the relationship entails.

It’s Difficult To Go Back To Being Just Friends

Going from a friends with benefits relationship to just being friends is not easy. While the sex was great, you have to remember that it was never meant to be more than that. The feelings you developed during the relationship can make it hard to go back to being “just friends.” You may still feel an emotional connection, or even be tempted to bring up the old relationship. It is essential to remember that it ended for a reason and going back to being “just friends” is the best option.

Additionally, it’s often difficult to act normal around each other again. You may feel awkward or tense in your conversations, making it hard to reestablish the friendship. It can be tough to figure out how to interact with each other without any sexual tension or expectations.


To successfully move back into a platonic friendship, you both need to make an effort and be honest about your feelings. Let each other know if it’s too hard for you to remain friends or if you want something more from the relationship. Be respectful and accept each other’s boundaries. With effort and communication, it can be possible to go back to being just friends after a friends with benefits relationship.

There’s Always The Potential For Someone To Get Hurt

When it comes to friends with benefits, one of the biggest risks is that someone could end up getting hurt in the process. While the idea of a no-strings-attached relationship may sound great, there are usually still some emotional ties between two people who were once close friends. As soon as one person begins to develop feelings for the other, the potential for someone to get hurt increases significantly.

Even if both parties enter into the arrangement with the intention of just having physical fun, it’s easy for one person to end up feeling more deeply for their partner than the other. This can result in disappointment, frustration, and feelings of betrayal when it becomes clear that the feelings aren’t mutual. In addition, if the relationship ends, there can be lingering feelings of resentment and hurt that can be difficult to move past.

Ultimately, it’s important to think carefully before entering into a friends with benefits relationship. As much as both parties may be trying to avoid getting hurt, it’s still a very real possibility. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that everyone involved is aware of the risks and has fully thought through what they’re getting into before starting down this path.


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